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Question:  What is the KSE Membership Registration Procedure (2022)


1. Get Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) membership.
2. Attestation of Transcript and Degree from Higher Education Commission (HEC).
3. Attestation of Transcript and Degree from Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA-PK).
4. Attestation of Transcript and Degree from Embassy of Pakistan in Kuwait.
5. Attestation of Transcript and Degree from Kuwait Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA-KW).
6. Translation of Degree.
7. Attestation of Translation of Degree from Kuwait Ministry of Justice.
8. Kuwait Society of Engineers (KSE) registration. This step is optional. It is better if you perform this step as it will save time in KSE office.
   a. https://kseonline.org/FouserLogin/UserLogin
   b. Sign up and fill all the details and upload the scanned copies of Civil ID, Passport, Degree, Transcript and Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) membership card, front and back (if attested).
   c. Select a revision date although this system is not being followed. It is just a formality.
   d. Now you are registered as a KSE membership candidate.
9. Registration on Data Flow for verification of degree.
   a. https://www.dfmoms.com/Applicant/AccountDetail/SignUP

   b. Sign up and fill all the required data along with required. Verification fee = 30KD.
10. Visit Kuwait Society of Engineers (KSE) office along with photocopies of Civil ID, Passport, Degree, Transcript and Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) membership card.
11. Verification of documents on the copy of documents, scanning of documents and registration process in KSE office.
12. After getting the report from Data Flow visit KSE office.
13. Either they will give you the membership card, schedule an interview or schedule an exam.
Note: Visit KSE office after checking your status one their website. If your status is reviewed, they might schedule an interview, an exam or ask you to com e later with Data Flow report.


Question: What is the KSE Membership Renewal Procedure (2022)

Answer: Visit KSE, pay membership fees i.e. 20 KWD/year and within 5-10 mins they will print your new card. DONE

Question: Respected any One please give me information about KSE Membership after upload the following data on KSE site (Follow up Request)
1. Civil I’d
2. Degree legalized
3. Transcript legalized
4. Passport
5. Visa copy
6. Picture
Please give me information for further process of KSE Membership. Thanks.

Answer: First visit KSE and take copies of civil id, pec card, degree, transcript. Then they will check your degree and scan all your docs and they will guide you about data flow. After that please make account on data flow, submit all documents and after receiving report from data flow visit KSE again and submit the print of report. Later on they again tell you to come after one or two weeks if all your documents are complete.

Note: Data flow takes almost a month. KSE depends on luck, Sometimes around two months and other times over two months too. Best of Luck.

Question: Do you know any attestation service in Lahore?

Answer: UAE Embassy Attestation Services

Office no.10 First Floor, Freed Plaza, Shadman Market, Shadman 1 Shadman, Lahore, Punjab 54000, Pakistan
+92 300 4321240 https://g.co/kgs/TmwF8h

All sorts of Attestation services available here for Overseas Pakistani living in Kuwait also

Question: Please share study material for the prepration of Electrical Engineering Exam in KSE?

Answer: All numericals and circuit solving questions with books available on below link:

1. KSE Website Link

2. Google Drive Link

Question: Dear anyone who get renewal of KSE through Data flow. What is the procedure and what documents are required to upload?


I reattested my documents in 2020 and renewed my membership at that time . Today I again went to KSE for renewal . They told me to open account in dataflow and upload documents there . After getting certification from data flow visit KSE for renewal

Enter your email in dataflow website . They will send you confirmation email. Follow the steps and enter password to generate the account

Apply here: https://www.dfgateway.com/

Documents Required:

Passport copy
Degree front and back copy (separate)
Transcript copy
And 29 kd fee





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