KSE Membership Procedure

KSE Membership Procedure 2021:

1)) Visit the inquiry desk of KSE with all documents (Keep photocopies of DEGREE AND MARKSHEET).

2)) The photocopies will be taken and asked to revisit KSE in 2-3 days (might differ) to get an application (IN ARABIC) which will provide the basis to visit MOFA and get your Degree/Transcript attested (Only Degree in my case).

3)) Upon receiving the application 2-3 days later from KSE, book an appointment with MOFA (location and link provided below) at the same instant.(Remember to take a snip of the appointment)

4)) Visit MOFA preferably half an hour prior to avoid lengthy waiting time.

5)) Upon entry into MOFA get 5 KD stamp per document (Degree and/or Transcript) and wait for your turn.

6)) Once your document/s have been attested, book an appointment for KSE at the same instant with at least 7 working day gap as your application will be processed and will take a while to reach KSE.

7)) Reach KSE on the appointed day with your COMPLETE documents. (KEEP COPY OF DEGREE/TRANSCRIPT AND PEC CERTIFICATE).

8)) The process from here can go two wayS:

Case A)) Your documents will be taken and asked to revisit KSE after their review and approval.

Case B)) Your documents will be approved at the same instant and asked to submit the membership fee (20 KD/Year) for the # of years you desire. (NOTE: YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY FROM THE YEAR NEXT TO YOUR EXPIRED CARD YEAR EVEN THOUGH THAT YEAR MIGHT HAVE PASSED AS THE MEMBERSHIP CAN’T BE LEFT UNPAID FOR ANY YEAR).[note for people with 2 years or more visa validity].

9)) FOR “CASE A” above you might keep checking the status of your approval on your KSE account.( NOTE: KSE helpline is fully occupied at all times being so committed so try not botheringπŸ™„πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ)

10)) Try visiting KSE after 7 working days if the status is not updated at your KSE account.

Wish you all good luck!!!

Approved Pakistani Universities List in KSE: