Pakistanis in Kuwait FAQs

Q: How to renew NICOP/CNIC online for Kuwait?

A: Register on Nadra Click Here and follow these steps:

For Date Acquisition Forem Do these steps:

1. Download Data acquisition form…
2. Print the form.
3. Sign the form with your hand signature (else can be done using Pak Identity App)
4. Scan the form with 600 dpi
5. Upload it

You can deliver it to Kuwait or Pakistan Address – DHL will call you as well before delivery

Normal Fee is 35 USD

Q: Please share the procedure to transfer parents aqama to son

A: I know only for mother ..

Assuming, it’s allowed for both… following will be the steps:

1. Gather all your brothers and sisters civil id’s (for those inside Kuwait)
And passports (for outside Kuwait) and take them to shaoon jawazat with your parents docs.
They will submit your documents, will give u a week time to come back.
When u go back to them after a week. They will refer you to another department called امن something.

2. You have to get your father’s work permit canceled, (in case it was 18 article before ) and mandoob has to do it. And give you the canceled work permit (إذن عمل)

3. Residence will be done in same department of امن ,they will ask you to pay health insurance (this was most tricky step)
I did for my mom in dec/Jan. And the only place I could pay health insurance was in Sabah Hospital health insurance dept. Even they refused to make health insurance… but then with the help of one bangali (10 KD 🙂) , they took insurance of 50 KD and gave me the insurance paper.
Note that you can’t pay it online in this case.
As for both of your mother and father, the kafeel is going to be changed. And there is no such online facility.

After this, come back to shaoon امن and pay 200 KD for each and they will make residence under your kafalat.

Salary Requriements: some say above 600. Goodluck

Q: How to take appointments for Ministries in Kuwait?

A: Register on META Click here to view and select desired option

Q: Please share approved list of Pakistani Labs for COVID-19 PCR test for Kuwait airlines?

A: Click here to view

Q: Please share the procedure and approved list of Universities for KSE Membership?

A: Click here to view

Q: Please share the procedure of Degree Re-Attestation for KSE?

A: Those who want to attest degree from Pakistan Embassy Kuwait need following documents.

  • Application letter to the Embassy
  • Civil I’d copy
  • Passport copy
  • Degree copy
  • K-Net 2 kd ticket

Q: What is the procedure for Documents Attestation?

Method # 1 HEC Pakistan -> MOFA Pakistan -> Pakistan Embassy in Kuwait -> MOFA Kuwait
Method # 2 HEC Pakistan -> MOFA Pakistan -> Kuwait Embassy in Pakistan -> MOFA Kuwait


Q: What is the procedure to get the lost CIVIL ID and Driving License?

For Civil ID -> Goto Sahel app > Services > PACI > Badal Faqid to get the new card.

For Driving license -> You’ll need a report from police station then visit maroor to get duplicate card.

Q: Some Important Links Below

E-Services being offered by Ministry of Interior to complete your transaction while staying in your place.

🚨لتجديد إقامة العمالة المنزلية مادة ٢٠:
شراء الضمان الصحي
✅ Pay insurance for domestic workers – Article 20 holders.

تجديد اقامة العماله المنزلية
✅ Renew residence of domestic workers – Article 20.

تجديد البطاقه المدنية
✅ Renew Civil ID cards

🚨 لتجديد إقامة عمالة القطاع الأهلي مادة ١٨:
✅ Renew residence of private sector workers – Article 18 holders.
تحتاج الدخول للآتي :
خدمة التسجيل للحصول على رمز مستخدم
The above service requires a user ID. Register at below link to obtain one.

الضمان الصحي
✅ Medical insurance renewal

رابط خدمة التجديد
✅ Residence renewal link

تجديد البطاقة
✅ Renewal of Civil ID

🚨رابط دفع المخالفات المرورية
✅ Pay Traffic fines

🚨رابط دفع غرامات الإقامة والتأشيرات
✅ Pay fines for residence and visas

🚨رابط تجديد رخصة القيادة
✅ Driving license renewal

🚨نموذج الكتروني – طلب خروج أثناء الحظر للحالات الطارئة والمرضية
✅ E-Form for curfew pass for medical emergencies

إسترجاع تصريح صادر
✅ Retrieve Curfew pass

🚨خدمة تسجيل تطوع
✅ Volunteer registration for Civil Defense.