GTECH Color Picker

Version: v1.0.0
Developed by: GTECH Team


  1. Launching the App:
    • Double-click on the executable file GTECH_Color_Picker.exe to launch the GTECH Color Picker application.
  2. Picking a Color:
    • Use the keyboard shortcut Alt + X to activate the color picker.
    • Your cursor will turn into a crosshair. Click anywhere on the screen to grab the color.
  3. Color Formats:
    • By default, colors are displayed in the RGB format.
    • Toggle between RGB and Hex color formats using the radio buttons labeled “RGB” and “Hex” in the navigation bar.
  4. Viewing Picked Colors:
    • Picked colors are listed on the left side of the application window.
    • Double-click on a color in the list to copy it to the clipboard.
  5. Saving and Loading Colors:
    • Utilize the “File” menu to save picked colors to a JSON file or load colors from a previously saved file.
  6. Changing Skin:
    • Customize the application’s appearance by selecting different skins/themes from the “Options” menu.
  7. About & Help:
    • Access information about the application version and contact details for the developer under the “Help” menu.
  8. Exiting the App:
    • To close the application, choose the “Exit” option from the “File” menu or simply close the application window.
  9. Splash Screen:
    • Upon launching the app, a splash screen briefly appears, displaying the app name and version.
  10. Animated Color Preview:
    • On the right side of the application window, observe a zoomed-in preview of the area around your cursor, showcasing the picked color.

Usage Details:

  • Purpose: GTECH Color Picker allows users to quickly and accurately capture colors from any part of their screen.
  • Efficiency: With a simple keyboard shortcut, users can grab colors without interrupting their workflow.
  • Flexibility: Choose between RGB and Hex color formats to suit your preference or project requirements.
  • Convenience: Save time by copying picked colors directly from the list for immediate use in other applications.
  • Customization: Tailor the app’s appearance to your liking with a variety of available skins/themes.

For any issues, feedback, or support, please contact the GTECH support team at