GTECH Resistor Color Code Finder

Version: v2.0.0
Developed by: GTECH Team (Aqeel Farooq)


The GTECH Resistor Color Code Finder is a tool designed to assist users in determining the resistance value of 4-band and 5-band resistors based on their color bands. This application provides an interactive interface where users can select different colors for each band of the resistor to calculate its resistance value.

4-Band Visualization

5-Band Visualization


  • Color Band Selection: Choose colors for each band of the resistor using interactive color selectors.
  • 4-Band and 5-Band Resistor Support: Toggle between 4-band and 5-band resistor configurations to accommodate different resistor types.
  • Resistance Calculation: Automatically calculates the resistance value based on selected color bands and displays it in ohms (Ω).
  • Tolerance Display: Shows the tolerance value (if applicable) for 5-band resistors, indicating the permissible range of resistance values.

Getting Started

  1. Launching the Application:
    • Double-click the application icon to launch the “GTECH Resistor Color Code Finder”.
    • The loading animation will appear briefly while the application initializes.
  2. Interface Overview:
    • Resistor Band Display: Displays the selected color bands for the resistor along with their corresponding colors.
    • Color Selectors: Click on each band to choose from available color options.
    • 4-Band and 5-Band Buttons: Click on “4-Band” or “5-Band” buttons to switch between different resistor configurations.

Using the Application

  • Selecting Color Bands:
    • Click on each band (up to 4 bands for 4-band resistors and 5 bands for 5-band resistors) to choose from a list of available colors.
    • The selected colors will update dynamically to reflect the chosen configuration.
  • Switching Between Resistor Types:
    • Click on the “4-Band” button to switch to a 4-band resistor configuration.
    • Click on the “5-Band” button to switch to a 5-band resistor configuration.
    • This allows you to handle different types of resistors based on your needs.
  • Viewing Resistance Calculation:
    • The application automatically calculates and displays the resistance value in ohms (Ω) based on the selected color bands.
    • For 5-band resistors, the tolerance percentage is also displayed to indicate the range of possible resistance values.

Additional Information

  • Developer Information:
    • Version: 2.0.0
    • Developer: (GTECH) Aqeel Farooq
  • Closing the Application:
    • To exit the application, simply close the window or use the appropriate system command to close the application.

Support and Feedback

For any issues, questions, or feedback regarding the “GTECH Resistor Color Code Finder”, please contact the GTECH support team at