The Metaverse

The Metaverse

How will the Metaverse effect the AEC Industry?

In recent months you may have heard about something called the Metaverse. Maybe you’ve read that the metaverse is going to replace the internet, maybe we’re all supposed to live there, maybe Facebook (or Epic, or Roblox, or dozens of smaller companies) are trying to take it over or maybe it’s got something to do with NFTs? It is tough to explain for one reason: it doesn’t necessarily exist yet. It’s partly a dream for the future of the internet and partly a neat way to encapsulate some current trends in online infrastructure, including the growth of real-time 3D worlds.

In the AEC industry the concept is already being explored and tested. Some people are using real time render tools like ‘Unreal engine’ and exploring the foundations of creating this metaverse.

You can see what this is and how it will effect our industry, in this Epic video regarding the metaverse for the construction space. And also read about it in this interesting article.

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Are you excited? I know I am!

Prop-Tech & the Foundations of the Meta-Verse from Unissu on Vimeo

To add to the topic and to see what some other big tech companies are bringing to the table.

What do you see with Metaverse Enablement and solutions like Microsoft Mesh below? How will that affect the world as we know it? Will this enable us all to go beyond buildings and then come back and influence the industry to achieve greatness?

What do you think?

Astonishing and scary at the same time, Not only business but also Life itself will not be the same after this.
it’s very exciting to know that there is no limit for what the technology can do!

Microsoft Metaverse vs Facebook Metaverse

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