GTECH Realistic Piano

Version: v1.0
Developed by: GTECH Team (Aqeel Farooq)


GTECH Realistic Piano is an interactive and visually appealing virtual piano application designed for both educational and entertainment purposes. It offers a realistic piano playing experience with high-quality sound files corresponding to each key. The user interface is modern, featuring animated backgrounds and responsive key press feedback. The application supports both white and black keys, providing a complete range of musical notes.


  • Realistic Piano Sounds: Each key corresponds to a high-quality sound file, providing an authentic piano playing experience.
  • Interactive Keys: Visual feedback when keys are pressed, enhancing the user experience.
  • Modern UI: A sleek, animated background with 3D shading effects on keys.
  • Lightweight: Can be run directly from the executable file without the need for additional installations.

Usage Instructions

  1. Download and Unzip:
    • Download the zip file containing the application.
    • Unzip the file to your desired location.
  2. Run the Application:
    • Navigate to the unzipped folder.
    • Double-click on GTECH_Realistic_Piano.exe to launch the application.
  3. Playing the Piano:
    • The application window will display a virtual piano keyboard.
    • The white keys are mapped to the following keyboard keys: A, S, D, F, G, H, J.
    • The black keys are mapped to the following keyboard keys: W, E, T, Y, U.
  4. Keyboard Mapping:
    • A -> C
    • S -> D
    • D -> E
    • F -> F
    • G -> G
    • H -> A
    • J -> B
    • W -> C#
    • E -> D#
    • T -> F#
    • Y -> G#
    • U -> A#
  5. Visual Feedback:
    • When you press a key, the corresponding piano key will change color to indicate it has been pressed.
    • The animated background will continue to provide a visually pleasing environment as you play.
  6. Exiting the Application:
    • Close the application window by clicking the close button in the top right corner or by pressing Alt + F4.


  • Ensure your speakers or headphones are connected and the volume is adjusted to an appropriate level for the best audio experience.
  • The application requires no additional software or drivers to run, making it a portable and easy-to-use solution for virtual piano playing.


For any issues, feedback, or support, please contact the GTECH support team at

Enjoy playing and creating music with GTECH Realistic Piano!